AR-Based Construction Performance Management

The nuclear construction industry has experienced huge escalations in overnight construction and schedule delays due to (i) extremely stringent nuclear safety and quality assurance (QA) standards, (ii) inexperience in managing and staffing these standards, (iii) excessive paperwork, and (iv) supply chain delays due to rework. To lower fabrication and overnight construction cost and time, PowerN has developed an AR environment for modeling and simulation construction performance.

This AR-based Construction Performance Management can enable virtual assembly of nuclear modular components that are fabricated off-site, ensuring the quality and compatibility of different components before shipment, which will be further enhanced through our artificial intelligence/maching learning (AI/ML) and robotics solutions. In addition, this technology enables a holistic approach to digital record generation and management in the supply chain loop. Every process of fabrication, assembly (both on-site and virtual), and inspection can be documented by as-built 3D point clouds and as-planned construction and fabrication models.