Integrity Assessment for Structures, Equipment, and Piping

We have more than two decades of experience in modeling the behavior of structural systems, particularly in nuclear energy facilities with an emphasis on improved understanding, accuracy, safety, and economy. We have attempted to achieve these goals by focusing on analytical studies, reconciling analytical models with observed/experimental behavior as needed, formulation mathematical, probabilistic, and computational models, and developing simple implementations that provide approximate, but meaningful, insights needed in the design and decision process. Depending on the needs and challenges at a given time, our solutions can also be applied to other critical infrastructure, such as hospitals. We have developed unique solutions in seismic performance assessment of building-equipment-piping systems with applications in:

  • steam generator replacement projects
  • snubber reduction programs
  • incabinet response spectra (ICRS)
  • seismic performance of electrical equipment and substations
  • generation of instructure response spectra (ISRS)
  • modeling of behavior of concrete shear wall structures
  • impact of tornado missile on concrete slabs